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Mile Lebeau, age 11, of Phoenix, Arizona, for his question

How many elephants would fit into a whale?

Let's compare the African elephnnt, biggest of the elephants, with the blue whale, biggest of the whales. The length of this monster whale is equal to the height of nine or ten elephants standing one upon another, Each of the elephants stands as high as two tall men, The African elephant is about 12 feet tall, the blue whale is often more than 100 feet long,

 Jumbo may tip the scales at six tons. The blue whale may weigh more than 100 tons, On the scales, then, the big whale is equal to 16 or 17 elephants. Since no one, as far as Andy knows, has ever tried to stuff a whale with elephants, we must estimate how many would be needed on the basis of the size and weight of the two animals. A very rough estimate would be ton or twelve elephants would be necessary to stuff a whale.


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