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Carol Pruett, age of Tulsa, Oklahoma, for her question:

What shall I feed my chameleon?

Chances are, your pet is not a true chameleon of Africa, but the sweet little 1merican ehnmeleon called the anole. This little lizard is an insect eater and his food must be served to him alive. He eats only what he catches. So let a few flies or grasssshoppers loose in his box and he will soon be enjoying a good meal.

He should have a glass box with a glass top. The earthy floor should be set with small green plants. Sprinkle a little water in the box each day, for in the wild he drinks the dew. Most important, your anole ‑ which is pronounced an‑ol‑ley ‑ must be kept warm. He needs a steady temperature of 80 to 85 degrees all the time, Keep the glass top on the box except when you feed him, for lizards need very little oxygen and the lid will keep the moisture from evaporating. You will have endless fun watching him dart around, change; color and even climb up the walls of his glass home.


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