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  Carolyn ferry, age 16, of Nashville, Tenn., for her question:

Should you pick up a rabbit by his ears?

Your bunny may be polite about this, but he certainly does not like being picked up by the ears. Nor is it good for him. Those long soft furry ears are made of gristle and they are full of blood vessels and sensitive nerves. Though the ears are strong they can be damaged if you use them as handles, especially if your bunny is heavy,

The proper way to lift any pot is to get your arm under the heaviest part of his body. This is usually his hind quarters. You may find it convenient to place a small pad or cushion on your arm. With a little patience and acarrot or two you. can soon train your bunny to hop right onto it. Hold this way he is comfortable and close enough to study your face and listen while you talk to him.


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