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  Linda Catlin, age 12, of Remsen, N.Y., for her question:

What is the capita1 of Wales?

The bumpy little 1and of Wales is a peninsula not quite 100 miles wide and somewhat more than 100 miles long. Cardigan Bray takes a big bite from its western shore. The river Dee marks its northern border and its southern border is marked by the Bristol Channel, outlet of the river Severn.

Here, on the north bank of the Bristol Channel, is Cardiff, official capital of Wales since 1955, Wales is home to more than two million people and almost one eighth of these people are natives of Cardiff,

Cardiff is a great port and a railroad. center. Through it pass large quantities of some of the world's best coal, mined. from the rich mountains. Copper is also mined in Wales, also zinc, iron, tin, lead. and even a little gold. Most of these minerals find their way to the capital city to be sent on their way by rail road and by boat.


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