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Michael J. Duffy, age 13, of Portland, Maine, for his question:

Which is the eastern most tip of the United States?

Northern Maine shares beautiful Passamaquoddy Bay with southern New Brunswick. The eastern tip of the United States is on the southern shore of this bay, where a stubby little thumb of land juts toward the Atlantic Ocean. It is called West Quoddy Head    even though it marks our eastern limits. A map shows that it is located close to Longitude 67 degrees. Farther north, this same longitude cuts through the northwest corner of Greenland and goes on up the North Pole. Farther south, it runs down the center of South America on its way to the South Pole.

The westernmost point of the United States is where you would expect it to be, in one of the Aleutian Islands out there in the Pacific Ocean off Alaska's coast. It is Cape Wrangell on the island called Attu.



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