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 Evelyn Jones, age 13, of Salena, Kan., for her question:


A proscenium stage is one that can be viewed only from the front. It is sometimes called a picture frame stage because the opening through which the audience sees the action forms a frame for the actors and scenery.

The frame of this type of stage is called a proscenium arch. Almost all of the time, the action on stage takes place behind this arch. Usually a curtain falls between a play's acts.

A second type of stage is called the open stage, or platform stage. Here a raised platform extends into the auditorium and seats are usually arranged on three sides.

A third type of stage is called an arena stage or the theater in the round.

Actors perform in an open space at floor level in the middle of the auditorium with seats arranged bleacher fashion around all four sides of the acting area.



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