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The lynx- King of the winter

The king of winter lives in the Garnet Mountains of Montana.  The lynx weighs about 30 pounds, a bit more than an overfed house cat.  Their paws are the size of a mountain lion functioning like snowshoes. They inhabit the forest where the snow reaches up to the pine boughs, creating a dense over.  They spend hours at a time resting in the snow, creating ice-encrusted depressions called daybeds, where they digest  meals or scan for fresh prey.
The like hares but when hares are scarce they eat deer, as well a squirrels, although small animals usually hibernate beneath the snow cover.
The  female lynx which has a life expectancy of 6 to 10 years (sometimes they live up to 16 years) can produce two to five kittens per spring.  The one year old female can bear kittens.  The  survival rate of the kittens is quite high.


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